Slavonia and Baranya are becoming a health-tourism center

Slavonija i Baranja postaju meke zdravstvenog turizma

Slavonia and Baranya are becoming a health-tourism center

Our health-tourism cluster, with the official name Association for development of health tourism Pannonian Health, started to brand Slavonia and Baranya as a touristic destinations for healthcare purposes.

The easternmost region of Croatia thus follows international trends because healthcare will become the most powerful world industry and will by the year of 2030. make up to 22% of world GDP, according to the World Health Organization.

There is still no systematic data collection in Croatia about how many tourists visit the country for health tourism every year. According to the Croatian Chamber of Economy, health tourism in Croatia employs approximately 10,000 people at an annual level and it earns about 300 mil euros in revenue. It is estimated that it could soon reach even a billion euros a year.

The first and common goal is to promote Osijek as a location where the patients can come to make certain healthcare procedures cheaper and at the same time stay there, visit the natural and tourist potentials of this region, such as Kopački rit, Baranya, relax in Bizovac thermal baths… Because here we have clean air and healthy food.

The goal is clear – to make Slavonia and Baranya a desirable health-tourism destination. The plan is to increase the number of users of services and health tourism products, but also to strengthen cooperation with related organizations, work on standardization, accreditation, certification and harmonization of products and services.

Patients never come alone, but accompanying, so the idea is to associate with restaurants and hotels. Through the cluster you will see what else you can do and see here.