About us

About Pannonian Health Cluster

Health tourism cluster Pannonian Health gathers members from medical, tourist and other services with the goal of creating a recognizable and competitive health-tourism product, at both local and international level.

We organize the preparation and placement of a recognizable and competitive health-tourism product that must follow world trends, tradition, resources and destination specificities. We are focused on the strengthening and development of health tourism in Slavonia and Baranya, in accordance with strategic documents that define this tourist destination as a “health destination”.


Our goal is to improve the health care and the quality of life, and to improve the overall offer and services in the tourism of our region, while branding the region and promoting traditional values. Accordingly, we would like to increase the number of visits by foreign nationals.


Our vision is to make Slavonia and Baranya a recognized “health and tourism destinations”. We would like to achieve this with the year-round offer of high quality health tourism services, based on modern trends and tradition.