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In desire to portrait our company Ethno Village Ltd.  as best as possible, we decided to explain our main activity and offer in this brief introduction. We founded our company at Karanac, in 2010. We have also established an AgriculturalEconomy, with basic activities of wine growing and wine production. At the time of establishment, we produced wine for personal needs, and the rest of the grapes were sold. With the purchase of an additional 8.5 ha, our business has grown. We work conscientiously and devotedly, and thanks to our dedication we are at the top of quality standards.

Svijetli Dvori

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About Winery

ETNO Village Ltd., Svijetli dvori Winery

Kolodvorska 99a, 31315 Karanac

OIB: 00142988705


Oliver Novački, CEO

Mob: 091/1281-846


Julijana Seleši Novački, Business Manager

Mob: 099/294-5040




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